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November Shows and Recording new EP/Mini Album

Hi Folks,

I am pleased to announce a string of shows this month.

See Upcoming gigs on the right of this page.

I have also started work on a new recordings with long term friend and recording legend Josh Bach.

XO Noah

Hey Folks,

Here is a project I played drums and percussion on. It is called Great Panoptique Winter. It has just been released.

It was founded by Jason Sweeny (Panoptique Electrical) and includes words and vocals from Richard Adams (Hood/The Declining Winter). Tristan Louth-Robins and Cailan Burns also added Electronics and found sounds

Listen and buy it at Bandcamp here



Noah xo

New Side Project RAT FILTH

Hi Folks,

I am in a new project. It is called Rat Filth.

It looks like this:

Timothy Brown(Guitar/Organ/Vox) & Noah Symons (Drums/Bass). They record musical ideas separately fromdifferent states in Australia(T-Hobart/N-Melbourne)and send them across the bass straight with the intention to respond quickly and intuitively to the other. The result is a strange kind of punk filled with restless energy and lo fi sensibilities.

Buy and/or listen here


We have been getting some nice media around it so far:


Weirdo Wasteland